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At Grange we are true backers of our small business economy. In the 2020 Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman survey it was reported that Small businesses contributed to 41% of employment in Australia. It’s your small local business that are the heart of a community, they are often like the soul of a town or small area. Bringing a sense of family, fair-gos and hard work. 

We believe that Australia is the best country in the world with some of the best opportunities available for us to pursue.  Those who are willing and brave enough to embark on the scary and often unrelenting journey of owning a small business need support now more than ever.

Since beginning Grange in 2019 we have been responsible for implementing and/or updating existing accounting and record keeping tools essential to business success. We work closely with business owners and teams to maximize efficiencies and reduce the stress, taking the guesswork from the books and planning for the future. 

Our mission is to support and enable our small businesses to continue to create the magical sense of community and passion we all love and respect. 




Founder and Director 

“I have always been a money nerd. Since I can remember I have been a hard worker and a straight-out budgeter. It all began at the age of 10 years old when I started getting pocket money of $5.00 per week (IF all the chores were done!) I would spend a little on lollies and hoard the rest for my next big buy which was usually the likes of a Tamagotchi or Furby, common I know you remember those! 

My first money lesson was when my Dad began ‘docking’ my pocket money by 50c. every time I left a wet towel on the floor. This in a roundabout way taught me how to earn and keep money and taught my dad how to recon with me! 

I truly believe that we all have the right to work to live – not live to work. I value work life balance and although like my fellow entrepreneurs, I can sway towards the end of too much work not enough play, I strive for balance. Most weeks I work a four-day week, on the weekends you will find me camping, hiking, wakeboarding or have a couple of reds at my favorite pub” 


Part time - Administrative Assistant 

"Before bookkeeping, I was an Enrolled Nurse working at a clinic in Perth, Western Australia until my son, Malakai was born. He is now a fiery one-year-old ball of energy keeping me on my toes!


I work with Grange remotely from home in Perth, helping all things Admin, Marketing and Data Entry.


When not working we are busy at swimming lessons and taking walks to the park. We love the outdoors, on the weekend you will find us camping or chilling at the beach."

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